hiring a home health care worker after a stroke

What Are Some Of The Most Convenient Senior Personal Care Services That Are Provided To The Elderly?

Senior personal care services are offered to the elderly because they often need the help, even if they are not willing to admit it. While some elderly people are willing to move into nursing home facilities for care, others want to continue living in their homes where they feel the most comfortable, and that is where the at-home care service becomes truly beneficial. A caretaker can come out each day to help the senior with many tasks.

Cleaning Out the Commode

Many elderly patients have a hard time getting to the toilet in time because the bathroom is often located on the second floor of a home, which means the patient would need to walk up an entire flight of stairs just to urinate or have a bowel movement. The commode is a convenient piece of furniture that may be placed in the living room or the room where the elderly patient is spending most of his or her time. Rather than trying to get to the bathroom on time and having an accident that could leave a mess all over the floors of the home, the elderly patient can go to the bathroom on the commode and then the caretaker can clean the commode out, removing any urine and feces from it while rinsing it out to keep it clean for later use.

Bringing Down Clothes and Helping the Patient Get Dressed

While some aging patients can still get dressed on their own, others have a difficult time lifting their arms above their head to put on a shirt or are unable to pull their pants on. They may have a hard time bending down to put their socks on and could even struggle with zippers and buttons due to arthritis and other medical conditions. Because getting dressed can take an elderly person such a long time to do, the caretaker can bring the clothes down from the room and help the individual get dressed after his or her shower. The caretaker will carefully help the aging patient with putting on a bra, underwear, shirt, pants, socks, and any other important accessories.

Speaking With Doctors and Going Along for Appointments

When a person gets older, they tend to see the doctor more often because of their different ailments. In fact, an elderly patient may need to see numerous doctors throughout the month, including an eye specialist, heart doctor, foot doctor, and a primary care physician. An aging person with different medical conditions would end up having such a hard time getting around to all these appointments or even remembering them all because there are just so many of them. The caretaker can keep track of the appointments by marking them down on the calendar and making sure the patient is informed a few days ahead of time. Along with keeping track of the appointments, the caretaker can speak with the doctors for the elderly patient who could have some trouble going into detail about his or her pain and problems. Instead of going alone, the patient can have the caretaker accompany him or her to any of the appointments he or she has with the different physicians.

Caretakers offer to complete tons of different tasks for their elderly patients because they know their patients need the assistance and can no longer do many things for themselves that they used to do all on their own. The caretaker can clean out the commode after the patient has used it, get the clothes ready for the patient and then put them on him or her, and even accompany the aging individual on appointments while communicating with the different physicians. Because of the senior home care services that are provided, many elderly people can keep on living at home instead of moving out of their own places and living in nursing home facilities.

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hiring a home health care worker after a stroke

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