hiring a home health care worker after a stroke

Reasons To Arrange Home Care For A Family Member After A Stroke

Your life can turn upside down after a family member suffers a stroke. You'll likely be spending considerable time at the hospital as he or she recovers, but the work doesn't stop when your loved one is discharged from medical care. Upon returning home — or perhaps coming to stay with you for a period of time — the rehabilitation process really begins. It's advantageous to hire a home health aide to play a pivotal role in this process, as you may not have the time or expertise to contribute in the needed manner. Here are some reasons that a home health aide who specializes in stroke recovery is the right professional for the job.

Help With Physical Recovery

One of the biggest challenges for someone rehabilitating from a stroke is getting either side of his or her body strong again. Depending on the severity of the stroke, your loved one may essentially need to learn how to walk and perform basic motor functions again. Being able to perform repetition after repetition of arm and leg movements is pivotal to recovering from the stroke and regaining a high degree of the mobility that he or she enjoyed before the stroke. An on-site health aide knows the exercises — and has the patience — to help your family member through this process.

Help With Speech

Given the impact of the stroke on the brain, your family member may struggle with speech. He or she may have to learn how to pronounce certain sounds, and this will involve plenty of practice. This is definitely a job for someone with the right experience, and a trained home health aide will be the best person to assist your loved one in this manner. The aide will likely lay out a specific program for your family member to follow that can help him or her regain any speech that was lost due to the stroke.

Help For You

In many cases, helping a stroke victim recover falls on the shoulders of his or her family members, and this may be taxing to you. If you're already busy with your career and immediate family, bathing your parent, making him or her food, helping with exercises, cleaning his or her house, and performing other helpful tasks may be difficult. Hiring a home elderly care aide simply gives your loved one professional care, and you can certainly lend a hand whenever you're able. 

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hiring a home health care worker after a stroke

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