hiring a home health care worker after a stroke

Technology-Related Habits That Could Send You To Physical Therapy

People can end up needing a physical therapist for a long list of reasons. While you might commonly think of having to go to this health practitioner after a car accident or following surgery, the reality is that you may end up needing this type of care for seemingly lesser causes. While technology can benefit your life in several ways, it can also pose a threat to your physical health. It's important to be cognizant of how you use technology, as well as pledge to take regular breaks so that you don't end up with an injury that requires physical therapy. Here are three technology-related habits that could harm you:

Slouching At The Computer

Many people make a habit of slouching while seated at the computer, whether it's during the workday because of boredom or in the evening while browsing the web or watching videos. When you're slouched, your back is put into an unhealthy position, and your head may slide forward so that it's not directly above your shoulders. Over time, this posture can leave you with back pain and neck pain, as well as the potential for headaches, and you'll need to seek help from a physical therapist like Morano Rehabilitation. He or she can alleviate your discomfort and show you exercises that can strengthen your postural muscles.

Prolonged Use Of Your Smartphone

It's also possible to sustain a physical injury as a result from how you use your smartphone. Many people hold this device in front of their chest or stomach and bend their neck at a sharp angle to view the phone's screen. It can be easy to spend a lengthy period of time in this position, whether you're sitting on the train during your work commute or playing a video game in bed before you turn the lights on. This habit may lead to neck or shoulder pain that could require the care of a physical therapist. 

Poor Mouse Habits

Using your computer mouse incorrectly can potentially leave you with wrist pain that may compel you to seek physical therapy. It's easy to handle your mouse for hours at a time if you're browsing the web or playing a computer game, and failing to hold your arm in the right position as you do so can put a strain on the ligaments on the inner side of your wrist. If you experience the above technology-related issues, seek help from a physical therapist, who will also teach you how to avoid such problems in the future.  

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hiring a home health care worker after a stroke

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