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3 Tips for Buying a New Cane to Help Your Balance

If you're having trouble with your balance when you walk, you might consider getting a cane. While a cane doesn't offer full support like crutches do, they can help maintain your balance and offer stabilization when you need to stand up or sit down. Choosing the best cane is important because one that is too short can make your problems with balance worse. Here are some things to know about buying a cane.

Choose the Best Length

If you find a cane is helpful with your balance, you might want more than one so you can use them for different activities. For instance, you may want a cane to double as a walking stick for mild hiking. In that case, a longer cane is handy. However, for daily use a long cane will be cumbersome. You can choose the correct length for the cane by holding the grip and then checking the angle of your forearm.

Your arm should be bent slightly downward so the cane is comfortable to hold. Another test is to place your arm straight by your side and then place the cane beside your arm. The cane should come to your wrist. You can also use the measurement from your wrist to the ground to select the length of the cane. Getting the right length is important when you buy a cane that can't be adjusted. If you'd like to alter the length according to your activities, then buying an adjustable cane might be a better idea.

Select a Grip for Comfort or Style

Canes come in a variety of styles when it comes to the grip. If you have trouble gripping or using your hands, then you'll want a grip that makes it easy for you to grasp the cane. The grip might be padded or come with brackets that attach to your arm for security. Grips are shaped in different ways so you can find one that is the most comfortable and that is easy for you to hold.

You may want to visit a medical supply store so you can handle various styles of canes to pick the best one for you. Canes are made from metal or wood. If you're looking for a stylish cane and have no trouble with gripping it, then buying a cane made of wood with a decorative grip might appeal to you. The grips are made into various designs and can be carved with attractive artwork.

Pick the Best Tip

A cane with a single tip is suitable for many people, especially if you just need it to support your balance. You can also buy a cane with four tips that are a little more stable. These canes can be more difficult to pick up and maneuver around, so you'll want to try one out before you decide to buy it. The advantage to having a cane with four tips is that it always stays standing so you don't have to reach down for it every time you want to get up or start walking.

One of these canes might be ideal for use around the home so it is easy to grab when you need to get out of bed in the dark. Once you buy a cane, no matter how many tips it has, you'll want to replace the tips as soon as they are worn. Tips are made of rubber and they wear away with use. You can buy replacement tips at a medical equipment store so you can prevent slipping because of a worn out tip on your cane.

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