hiring a home health care worker after a stroke

What Is Live-In Care And What Are The Benefits?

In home health care services come in a range, from non-medical assistance like help with daily living tasks to medical care provided by live in carers. What type of services a patient can receive depend on each individual patient's needs and circumstances. With help from your doctor, an appropriate in home care plan incorporating live in carers.

As a growing alternative to care homes, live in care allows you to receive in home care whilst still meeting your needs and allowing you to remain in your community. Live in care consists of a carer who lives in your home in order to meet your needs and give the appropriate level of care. Not all carers live in consistently; many carers have a schedule and switch with other carers on a weekly or longer basis.

The benefits of having live in carers include:

  • Remaining in your own home is one of the biggest benefits. Despite care homes being able to provide brilliant health care, staying in your own home is invaluable if possible. 
  • Committed staff who work with you on a daily basis - usually in a team of two who swap as per their rotation.
  • Reassurance and stability that someone is always available to help if any problems arise. Not only this but live in carers provide companionship. The positive effects of companionship combined with in home care are very beneficial to overall health.
  • Keep your relationships positive by having a live in carer handle your care. As much as loved ones are willing to help out, it can also unfortunately put strain on your relationships with them. A live in carer takes the pressure off of your loved ones.

The disadvantages of having live in carers include:

  • No social advantages when compared to care home services. A benefit of care homes in comparison to in home care is the consistent contact with others, especially peers.
  • Live in carers require living arrangements such as their own room which may be difficult to provide. Not only this, but it may be uncomfortable for others in the residence.
  • Finding the right carer can be tricky. It may be hard to find a carer who is compatible with you and you feel comfortable with.

In home health care is becoming an increasingly popular form of providing care outside of a care home. And live in carers are one of the many possible choices for this type of service. Taking into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of this service, you might find that live in carers are perfect for you or your loved one. 

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hiring a home health care worker after a stroke

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