hiring a home health care worker after a stroke

Using Home Health Care Services To Care For A Disabled Or Sick Spouse

When your husband or wife becomes gravely ill or injured, you do not want to transfer him or her to a nursing home. Instead, you want to keep him or at home where your spouse feels the safest and most comfortable.

However, you may find that you do not have the physical strength, patience or skill to take care of him or her properly. You can get the help that you need by hiring professional home care services to assist in his or her daily wellness.

Assistance with Lifting

Your spouse may weigh more than you can pick up and move on your own. Still, you cannot leave him or her in a bed or wheelchair for hours on end. You want to move him or her as needed to make your spouse more comfortable and avoid problems like blood clots and bed sores.

Instead of trying to lift him or her on your own, you can hire home health care workers to assist you. They have the training and experience to move patients safely. They can assist you or work together in pairs to lift your spouse out of bed, into a wheelchair or anywhere else that he or she wants to be moved.

Assistance with Catheters

If your spouse is disabled and unable to go to the bathroom assisted, he or she may have to use catheters to remove urine from his or her bladder. It is vital that catheters be kept clean and also be handled safely to prevent infections and injuries. You may not know how to use one of them to take care of your spouse properly.

The home health care workers that you hire know how to handle catheters safely and gently to avoid putting your spouse at risk of infection or injury. They can remove and empty the catheters as needed and sanitize or put in new ones to prevent your spouse from getting a urinary tract or bladder infection.

Finally, home health care workers know how to give medications, particularly those that must be injected, properly. They can ensure that your spouse receives the needed doses on time to avoid getting sick or feeling unnecessary discomfort or pain.

Home health care services can assist you in taking care of an injured or sick spouse. They can help you move your spouse as needed daily. They also help with using catheters and medications.

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hiring a home health care worker after a stroke

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